Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paranoid about Passing Out

Starting Friday morning, I was super dizzy. I kept thinking I was going to pass out. I tried food and water, knowing the two most logical causes would be dehydration or low blood sugar. Neither one made a difference. Any time I went from sitting to standing --whoa! And sometimes even just sitting there was dizzy-making. Work was not fun. At least the kids were pretty behaved. 

I pretty much went to bed as soon as I got home. I just didn't feel good. With or without movement, I felt on the verge of passing out. 

Saturday was the same thing. I was so frustrated with it. All I wanted to know was if this was an emergency and I needed to go to the hospital or if it was nothing and I just needed to buck up. But the doctor's office is closed on Saturday. So's the pregnancy risk hotline. Mom had no clue. The internet wasn't helpful. So finally we just decided to go to the hospital. 

The nurses were very nice and took great care of me and didn't make me feel like I was overreacting or being a loser. They did some blood work and my labs came back pretty normal, just an elevated white count. Between them and the dr, they decided it was probably an ear thing related to the cold going around and gave me an anti-histamine. I started feeling better last night, so hopefully it continues on today. I'm glad it was something so little, but I'm glad we made the decision to go into the hospital, too. I can't just sleep my life away and worry that I'm going to pass out all the time. 

Luckily, the whole time this was going on, I could still feel baby girl moving around. She was totally fine. It was just me being sick.