Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Before getting pregnant, I was a little bigger than I wanted to be. I tried eating healthier and getting more exercise in during the summer, but you know how difficult that is! However, since being pregnant, I've felt more encouraged to do so. I'd only like to gain "necessary" weight during this pregnancy and stay as healthy as possible, no gestational diabetes, no pre-eclampsia. Just doing what I can to keep me and my baby healthy, ya know? 

Well a few weeks ago Cass came up with a proposal to reward himself $5 of free money every time he exercised four times within one week. I agreed, as long as I could do it too! So far I've fulfilled two weeks to his one :) I've been doing the Wii Fit, which is pretty fun, and one of the days I did some Michael Jackson Experience afterwards for my cardio. That was quite a high energy day! 

The Wii Fit weighs me, so I've been able to keep better track of my weight. I don't know what I weighed before getting pregnant, but I feel like I lost a bit of weight before that first doctors visit. At my first visit (almost 11 weeks) I weighed less than I remember weighing before and pants were still fitting. Last week, a month later (almost 15 weeks) I weighed a whole pound less :) I've also been keeping track of my weight by week on a graph online, and it's been staying right around there. 

I asked the doctor what he thought about my weight, and he totally supports me doing Wii Fit. He said it would be great for a total weight gain of around 15 lbs. So here's hoping! :) 

Wow. I used a lot of smiley faces. That's a little annoying. 

Today I'm feeling a little bit bigger than I have. Pants a smidgen tighter and looking like I have a little belly. I think it's a little bloat from the weekend, but also a little bit of baby bird making her debut! It might be time to pull out the maternity clothes soon! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Maternity Clothes!

I'm not actually ready for maternity clothes yet, but a few weeks ago Old Navy had a sale on maternity clothes, plus an online sale, and I had swagbucks dying to be spent, so I bought me some cute clothes! They came the other day and I just love them. Some already "fit" with room to grow, and some will fit once I have my "bump." I super love the maxi dress though! It's so cute and comfy! I wore it today & everyone said I looked cute :) 

I'm starting to feel a lot better though, eating, having energy, not needing a nap, it's great! I've even been doing the Wii Fit this week! It's pretty fun, and the competition aspect is great. 

On a Random Note: My hair is growing a ton, and I can't be upside down blow drying my hair as long, so I can only blow out like half of it! I really want an expensive blow dryer! :)