Friday, October 5, 2012

Maternity Clothes!

I'm not actually ready for maternity clothes yet, but a few weeks ago Old Navy had a sale on maternity clothes, plus an online sale, and I had swagbucks dying to be spent, so I bought me some cute clothes! They came the other day and I just love them. Some already "fit" with room to grow, and some will fit once I have my "bump." I super love the maxi dress though! It's so cute and comfy! I wore it today & everyone said I looked cute :) 

I'm starting to feel a lot better though, eating, having energy, not needing a nap, it's great! I've even been doing the Wii Fit this week! It's pretty fun, and the competition aspect is great. 

On a Random Note: My hair is growing a ton, and I can't be upside down blow drying my hair as long, so I can only blow out like half of it! I really want an expensive blow dryer! :)  

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