Wednesday, February 20, 2013

time to come out of the closet . . .

. . . and please don't judge me! 

So back when Ashley was still pregnant with Eva, she started talking about cloth diapers. And Cass and I started thinking about them.  And a few months back, Cass presented me with this article by [yeah, it's probably his favorite website]. He was convinced that they would be a money saver. And so I agreed to try them, with the caveat that if it doesn't work for us, for me, I can quit it, no guilt. [If they're in good condition, they can resale for pretty close to original price, so we wouldn't be out a lot of money.]

The savings are the biggest reasoning for us.  Especially since it wouldn't surprise me if baby girl is stubborn [gee, where could she get that from?] and refuses to potty train. I also think the diapers are super adorable and I just love buying cute things, so that's another reason. And I like to try to save the planet when possible and feasible  so if cloth diapering works for us and saves the planet? Even better. 

So I started doing my research.  I was immediately drawn to the Flip Diapering System. 

They grow with your child, so no need to worry about finding the right size.  they come with snaps or hook and loop [basically velcro] so my one-day toddler can't unsnap and run around naked. Or she might anyway. Who knows. But I digress. . . 

The Flips are also in two parts, a cover and an insert. So no stuffing, as with the pockets, and no long drying time, as with the All-in-Ones. Plus you can reuse the cover throughout the day, unless it gets stinky, so you need less covers, which is also a money saver. We even got some on eBay, so half of ours are new and half are used. They seem perfect, on paper, so now we'll just have to wait til baby girl gets here and find out! 

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