Friday, September 28, 2012

migraine & growth

momma's got a migraine :/ thankheavensforsickdays!! The pain sucks. Started last night. Pills, heat, cold, sleep. Nothing helped. So, yeah, no work today. The good news is, Season 5 of Gossip Girls is finally on Netflix!!! 

baby bird is about the size of a peach now. it's hard to tell if I'm showing or just bloated. pants still fit, but I'm on my second bra. and it's already a stretch!! 

sometimes, mostly all the time, I don't really feel pregnant yet. april is still so far away, and I don't feel anything inside me, and I can't see the baby's impact on the outside of me quite yet. at least the morning sickness is mostly all gone. the tiredness isn't as bad either. more just a lazy grossness . . . where is my second trimester motivation? maybe next week. 

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