Tuesday, September 25, 2012


At my doctor's last week, they told me I had to come in and get blood drawn before my next visit. They do it just down the hall from the doctor's office, so I could have done it immediately after. Except I'm a big chicken. And I had that nasty cold, so they said it would be better to wait. 

Back to that big chicken part . . . I just get so nervous around needles. Mostly seeing needles in my skin. Blood doesn't gross me out. Even my blood isn't gross. But getting my blood drawn freaks me out. So I needed Cassidy to come with me, in case I got nervous or passed out. 

We finally went tonight. Because of our schedules, we had to go "after hours." They are open 7-7, but their check-in area was closed, so we had to check in at the ER. That was a pain in the butt. Next time, I'll try to man up and go by myself so I can get in faster. ha ha

Once we got through the check-in, it went relatively quick though. She drew something like seven vials, and science is improving every day, because they only had to stick me once! I had it in my head that she'd have to stick me every time! I was doing okay during the draw, breathing, even looked at the blood for a second & thought, "Wow! This is going by fast!" And then she finished. And I got dizzy. 

I'm pretty good at calling it when I get dizzy and preventing passing out, though, so I laid down, kept breathing, and they got me some water. No passing out! Now we'll just have to see if I bruise or not! 

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