Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nausea Help

The Zofran has been helping tons, I had to take it consistently for a while, but now I can just take it as I need it, which is great, since it has some pretty nasty side effects. (Bloating and Constipation, way bad, TMI) I've also been using Preggie Pop Drops - 

They're delicious & they help. Placebo? Maybe. But I believe in them & they help me feel better! It's hard, because they say to keep eating & keep full, but sometimes I just don't feel like eating! Nothing sounds good at all. And food tastes different sometimes. The biggest thing that tastes different? Water! It tastes so gross to me, but I know it's important. So I've been trying to stay hydrated, either suffering through the water or flavoring it. We already have some store brand crystal light, so that's great. Hopefully water will start tasting better soon, though, since I miss the way water used to taste! 

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