Thursday, August 16, 2012

telling the family

We wanted to wait til after the doctors appointment to tell the family, just to make sure everything was really and okay, but instead we told everyone today! 

Morning sickness hit me pretty hard these past few days (read: couldn't hold anything down) and I start work again at the middle school on Monday. I'm a little nervous about running out of class to puke, and about getting found out before I want to! We also wanted our family to know before someone at the school found out, and I was just too anxious to wait any longer! 

Everyone pretty much knew already. Anyone who's ever met me knows I love babies, and my mom and Jenn sort of knew we were trying. And it's a little suspicious when we randomly want to skype with everyone! 

But everyone was really excited! Dylan told Pyper it was a "big surprise" & I don't think it was really the surprise she wanted . . . but I think she'll like the baby when it gets here! Jordyn called me a big fat liar, but Michael was kind of prompting her. Grandpa Johnson didn't even let me get it out; he was so excited, I thought he was going to cry. And Grandma and Grandpa McCoy were cheering! 

Everyone's really excited and so are we, even though we have 34 loooong weeks to go! 

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