Thursday, August 30, 2012

. . . and the very long nap

So I've been pretty tired lately. I'm pregnant. No surprise. I've been having a hard time sleeping at night, too. Again, no surprise. So I've been letting myself take naps after school when I'm so tired. Working morning and afternoon wears me out! 

Yesterday I let myself fall asleep a little before five, knowing Cass would wake me up when he got home. Well, he tried to! We had an incoherent conversation as I fell right back asleep. Eventually Cass made me move to the bed. I woke up to pee at two, and didn't wake up again til almost ten! Good thing they got a new person hired for mornings and I'm just afternoon now! I did the math, and I slept for about 17 hours! Crazy! 

I texted my momma to ask what she thought; she said my body just must have needed it. One of the ladies at work said the same thing, so I guess I'm good! I figure if it happens again, though, I should call the doctor. Sleeping that much can't be a good sign! says week 8 means lots of baby growth, though, and being extra tired. Baby is growing like crazy and sucking up all my energy! They also said this is when the weird dreams start -- sure thing! I had a great many weird dreams last night! The best one was the one of been expecting -- one with my baby! 

I put a lot of stock into dreams, probably more than I should. But I try to take it with a grain of salt and look for the basic root meaning, not take it literally, and certainly not every dream is an important dream. But still. 

So basically, in my dream, we had a little girl. She looked a ton like Jordyn, not at all what my real baby will look like, and kept changing sizes from a baby to bigger and bigger all the way up to Jordyn's size. But she was still my baby. It was weird. We were also in China and there were some other weird factors. But the important thing is that it was a baby girl!  But it was weird, besides she was talking and BLONDE!!,  because she implied that there was still another baby in my belly! 

I have this weird twin thing that I'm trying to get over. Quite a few months ago, I had a dream where I had twins. Normally I wouldn't put stock in that kind of dream because twins are so few and far between, but they were named *the name I like* and Allie. And then twins got stuck in my head. I think twins would be so fun! Crazy, but fun. Also, I would love to have a boy and a girl, so I can get some of everything and have one of each. It would be great. I think, deep down, I'm a little bummed and I feel like I'm behind everyone my age. I know I'm right where I need to be, but I still see some of my former classmates with more than one baby already and I get jealous. If I had twins, it would be like catching up! I'm trying to get over that, because, really, what are the odds? But still . . . 

So when in the dream she said there was another baby, does that mean twins? Or just another baby later on? Who knows . . . but I'm pretty sure come April I'll have a little baby girl!  

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