Wednesday, August 8, 2012

symptoms so far

My body is definitely changing already. My boobs are getting tender and swollen. I'm tired, but that could just be from the cold . . . Either way, I'm sleeping way too much. I'm a little nervous about having to work in a few weeks here! 

I have started exercising a little with my new exercise ball. I hope to be able to keep up with it throughout the pregnancy and use it after. And, it's totally a safe pregnancy exercise plan! And dancing will help more too, I think. At the very least, I'll be standing up 20+ hours a week between my two jobs! :) 

I haven't had any morning sickness yet, but I do get a little queasy at night, although that could be exacerbated by my meds. Yep, I got me some pre-natals already. Go me. But I do feel really bloated and like I'm already getting a tummy on me. . . probably just poor diet and exercise over the summer. I've been really lazy! But last night I couldn't even stand having the band of my g's on my tummy. Bleeeh. 

Oh, I spoke too soon. I don't know how well that lunch is sitting . . . and clearly my pregnancy makes me use ellipsis more? But I haven't thrown up at all yet. Hopefully that lasts!! But sometimes food tastes different - is that normal? The spaghetti last night tasted worse than usual. I just don't like spaghetti. 

But, really, I'm super happy to be pregnant, even if it doesn't seem real yet! 

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